Hey everyone! We finally got some new license plate frames in stock! I wanted to make something simple with our official logo and website on it so anyone can rock it. Since the logo goes out and below the frame all manufacturers charge more to make the mold but style over everything right? They are made from abs plastic so they are really sturdy and wont crack or fade. Not sure how many people read our blog but since you are here, you’re in luck. First person to DM me on instagram (@tayloruji) “Give me a frame!” I’ll send one of these to! Pretty content on how they came out and they look really good on a car. We also have a new off road tee that we just released. Hope you guys are enjoying the content on YouTube and also the Merch! We’re waiting on a lot of product to come in from our suppliers so can’t wait to show you guys what’s next!      Thanks for reading! -TU

Shavi’s such a good model.