Stepping away from our original car content for a bit let me show you guys this amazing Impala. I’ve always wanted to shoot lowriders and I happened to come across this beautiful Impala. Wish I had more time with the car but these phots will do for now. Those who builds lowriders never skip any details, and very matriculant with what the build should look like. One of the best things that always stands out with lowriders are their paint jobs. The painters spends years and years of painting and mastering the craft to paint some insanely beautiful cars with endless amount of details. Top it off with some classic wheels that ties the car together super well. There’s honestly no wrong angle when it comes down to the Impala, laying frame with a big body car on some small wheels is just too cool. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures and give us some feed backs if you want more lowriders features. – CN