I haven’t modded or even driven Lois for a while. Seems like every time I drive her something breaks or cracks lol. I plan on high radiusing the fenders soon and maybe new paint once everything is done. There’s a few little cracks on the kit that need to be fixed so there’s quite a bit to do. Eventually I’ll get to the cd009 swap but since I don’t really drive her it’s not a main priority. But anyways after hanging out with Dru in Vegas I realized I needed some ganadors. There was a pair on the eqvipped page for months and he would post them like once a week. I always saw them but never pulled the plug and got em. I sent it to Dru for approval and he said DO IT! I was hesitant because they didn’t look like they were made originally for the ls400 and I didn’t want the angle to be off. Ganadors for the ls400 are extremely rare and I only know of 1 person who has some stateside. As you know ganadors are a pretty penny but once I had them in my hands I understood why. They did come off a celsior in Japan and the guy made brackets to fit it perfectly. Install was easy just a hassle to take off the door panels. No drilling required and lined up spot on. The mirrors look perfect on the car and flow with the whole style of it. Kinda mad I didn’t get them sooner! I would say I got lucky getting these because I didn’t have to do any of the hard work to get them to fit. Only flaw is since they are for a RHD car and I can barely see out of them! Oh well, style is more important right? If you have a chance to get some ganadors I suggest you do! Feels great to be apart of the gentleman’s club haha. Enjoy these photos taken by @adrykaruma 🤙🏽 -TU