First of all, thank you all for allowing us to be able to throw a 5th car meet! It means a lot and we hope to continue to keep on having these year after year and in different places hopefully! We want to say what a crazy year it’s been and we’re so glad so many of you were able to come out and enjoy your time with us! Thank you to all the vendors that came out, we had a lot of great food! We want to give the biggest shout out to VJC Tires for allowing us to throw this event year after year! There were so many of you guys that came out and we really appreciate every single one of you! Congratulations to all the winners! So many cars to check out and all of you guys were so spread out. We hope everyone had a great time cause we that’s why we throw these events for you guys and we hope to keep this going for years to come! -AH