What’s up guys back with a new post! Auto Fashion Fest weekend is always a blast. Gathering together for multiple birthdays within the group and creating new memories. The huncho’s even took home a couple trophies! I shot 3 rolls of film this weekend along taking a couple hundred digital photos. After picking through the film and after editing/picking through my digitals I had so many photos and wasn’t sure if I should post them all or just a few. After asking Taylor what he thinks. I got the “Just dump em all faka!!” So here they are! Mixed up is a fat chunk of digital and film photos for you guys! I tried to keep all of the cars together. Thank you for the continued support! – TJ Watkinson @TJWatkinson

Please tag us in your posts!! We will see y’all at the meet this weekend at VJC!!

Karuma Limited (@KarumaLimited) & TJ Watkinson (@TJWatkinson)

P.S. – Friends & Family DM me for the direct link to photos! 👀