These kind of get togethers are always the best. We’ve known the guys from Royal Origin and 90’s Forever for quite sometime now and they are some of our closest friends. They’ve helped us right from the start and have always supported us. So whenever they want to throw an event together theres no questions asked, we are always down!

Last weekend was the Grand opening of OC Product Photos where Minh and Vu work at. The studio is located at 930 N Elm St. Unit 11 in Orange, Ca. We had such a great time catching up with everyone we haven’t seen for a while and set up a booth along side 90’s Forever inside the studio. First time we had a setup like that and want to do it again soon! During the meet there were cars switching off inside, getting professional shoots. It was a pretty cool vibe and glad to see how many people showed up. We appreciate everyone for coming through and supporting us!

We dropped a new tee there and hyped to see how many people picked it up. You can check out all of our latest merch on our shop page! Enjoy these photos of our fam that Tj took! -TU