In this episode I check out HeyHentai in the beginning of the year. He showed me around his garage and explained all about his Mazda FD RX-7 and man his garage was a dream. He has all the hangout stuff, a lot of alcohol, and games that could get all of your friends entertained for days. His RX7 is truly a one of a kind build and has some parts I’ve never even seen before in my life. Make sure to check out his whole build breakdown.

After a show/meet (this time was our Karuma Limited x Lowballers Round III <-Click to Watch) we usually go out to eat but this time, Taylor wanted to go to Top Golf. This was my first time at Top Golf and I have to say, it definitely won’t be my last. Even though we waited 4 hours, we all got to eat some good food, drink, and just hangout and the 4 hours went by. We golfed till they closed and had a lot of fun. Danny almost fell a couple times, but man… what I would give to see him fall. Haha till next time. Shootz! -AH