This weekend past weekend was Slammedenuff and also my first time shooting rollers in such a long time. So  glad we were all able to come out together and finally had some familiar faces be able to show with us and I was able to get some awesome rollers of the guys cars and also my car. I don’t think we’ll be going to any show that’s hosted at Ontario convention center ever again because of what we had to deal with. They made us carry in all of our supplies from the loading dock… all the way to our booth which was in the furthest corner of the hall. To add on top of everything, they made us carry everything out too. Overall though thank you so much to everyone that came out and supported us always! This was the first event where we had our brand new TV to show off all of our VLOGS we did and it only costed us $75 to the convention center… Hope you guys enjoyed the rollers as much as I enjoyed getting those shots! -AH