So fuel fest was a fast and furious oriented event I think lol with drag racing and drifting going on In the background  . I arrived a little late that day but got to see most of the cars , and got free parking thanks to adry 😀 . There was a lot of people there I’m assuming because it was a big event after the restrictions went down . The event got so full of people there wasn’t enough parking and they started  parking all the way at Santa  fe dam when I left, pretty crazy. The  day was really hot so most of us where under the tent trying not to get sunburned haha. There was some crazy cars here , and some not so crazy (look at the last pic lol ).  Also there was some celebrities there like Sung Kang(Han from fast and furious , tyrese , and Cody Walker . You would also see several Vin Diesel impersonators walking around taking pics  . Overall not a bad event except for the heat.     – JA