I had the opportunity to spend some time around this Audi R8. Jonny “@jonnycage” is a man with some great taste when it comes down to cars. Helping Thanh and Brendan “@brendan_m3” take the car apart for wrap was definitely an experience. Thanh did an amazing job wrapping this R8 in a Brushed Black finish, he definitely worked his magic and made the vision come to life. Seeing the car complete was a site to see so we had to squeeze in a quick 3A.M shoot. With a VF Engineering Supercharger gave the car an extra kick of power and stand out through the rear windshield. The R8 has such aggressive body lines that it looks good in every angle, with the brushed black wrap it really made the car stand out. Hope you guys enjoy this quick set of photos of Jonny’s Audi R8 with his new color. – CN