We just dropped some new shirts to our online store! First one is the Family Mart shirt. It has Austin’s Ls400, Brandon’s is250, and Shavi’s Mazda speed3. If you’ve been to Japan, Im sure you have gone into a Family Mart. They have the best snacks!

Next is the Oni Mask Tee. We figured a lot of people like the Japanese vibe stuff so we made this scary looking dude with a wrench in his mouth. Added some cherry blossoms to give it some color. This is probably my fav out of the new ones. Lastly we have the Good Vibes Tee. If there was any Porsche I could get it would be a 964 on TMBs but sadly can’t afford one so I put it on a tee. Palm trees and the beach what else is better? The vibes are good!! Thank you to everyone who has supported us! We hope you guys like the new shirts. More to come real soon! -TU