We’re getting ready to go to ToyotaFest coming up on Saturday 6/5 and Taylor wanted to put on his new compressors before the event. We ended up having to move his dad’s hotrod and 70′ Chevelle around which took longer than expected cause the two cars haven’t been started up in forever. We then went to HNRS OC to drop some more merch for you guys and all of a sudden Yoshi surprised us with a new car! He showed off his S13 and showed off his 350z engine in it and to be honest… I cannot wait to hear it start up. We also grabbed some tofu soup with them over at BCD where I learned that this location, when you order danger, it really is danger unlike some restaurants… Oh yeah! Aguirre stopped by after we finished installing the compressors and boy do we have a surprise for you… -AH