Rasawin “Heyhentai” RHD Mazda FD3S RX7 caught my eyes the moment he pulled up to the Lowballers x Karuma Quality Meats. Of course any RX7 FD3S that pulls up will catches anyone attention whether you know what car it is or not. Just by the way the body curves are. Stock RX7 are cool but once someone put their personal taste into the car just makes it 100% more cooler.




Rasawin car met some high expectations when it comes down to owning a RX7. He added his taste to every inch of his car from interior to exterior. Running the drift spec two different wheels set up, up front we got full polish Work VSKF and for the rear he got some polished Work Meisters S1, these are definitely two of the most well known wells in the market. Those custom heart shaped taillights to make the rear end some extra pop that will catches the eye. Once you see those taillights you immediately want to see what the rest of the car looks like. Heyhentai is his brand so he had to add some of that on the car to promote the brand a bit with some stickers, embroidered bucket seats and the custom neon sign he hand made for his rear windshield. With all that style added to the esthetics he needed  to make the car a bit faster and sound like an RX7 should. He ditched the stock twin turbos for a single turbo, V mount set up, Greddy polished elbow, etc. Definitely nice to see someone added so much style into their car without over doing. At the end of the day this was by far one of the favorite car from the weekend, can’t wait to head back to vegas to do another feature at some cool vegas spots that we don’t have in Cali. Thank you to Rasawin for giving me the time to take some cool photos of your car. – CN