Skater owned, skater operated.

But this is a car company right?

Although we come from skating, cars were always right there next to us. We want you to know we have a skate background because your favorite company that you rep hard af probably wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for skateboarding. The style of a skateboarding has not only paved the way for the fashion industry but also have influenced us heavy in life. We want to combine the best of both worlds; skate fashion + auto. With a mixture of the 2 you get KARUMA.

Our goal is to provide high quality apparel and accessories for the car enthusiast. From everyday driving or to the track. And even just some casual gear to wear around the house. Everything is printed in-house. We try to keep our costs low so we can provide you guys with a cheaper price. Everything purchased is hand made from a team ridah. We take pride in our printing and hope you are pleased with your purchase.

We started out making clothes for ourselves because we wanted to be fresh. It grew into making our friends fresh and now we want to make everybody have fresh gear whenever they want it.

Any body can make cool clothes but you can’t pull it off with a bad attitude. If you’re only about yourself we sure don’t need you to rock our gear. We’re not about the fame, trophies, or followers. What is most important to us is family. Stay true to the ones who got your back and only positive vibes will be ahead.

Our clothes are LIMITED, hence the name Karuma Limited. Once we sell out of an item its gone for good. We will have many designs, some up for only a day so make sure to look out.

This is a self made company. Something that was a dream that ended up just happening. Everything purchased is recycled back into making more product for the consumer. We hope you like our product and come back for more. We thank you very much. -TU