Standing out. Its what we all want, but is what very few can attain. Thankfully, none of these things apply to this car. Standing out is exactly what this LS430 UL does now when Philip got his hands on it. This car is built on the dot to traditional VIP characteristics of a big bodied sedan lowered on very aggressive, five spoke rims. We’ve all have heard or seen Philip’s LS430 one way or another. Philip is one of many people in PUREVIP who stuns the car community with their VIP build.

Along with a great car, comes a great suspension that is capable of doing exactly what the owner wants it to. In this case, Philip opted for Airlift Performance suspension, mated with T-Demand arms to have that proper alignment specifications.   Dressed with a Mode Parfume Regalia Kit and Aimgain grill. Elite Auto Body did an amazing job meshing the Ulterior Motive metal flares into the car to give it a little extra meat. Rolling with a beautiful set of SSR SP4. You can’t go wrong with any five spoke wheels. If the SSR’s did not catch your attention I’m sure those 326 Power collab with PUREVIP big brake kit will.