There’s no doubt that the S2000 is an icon among roadsters that has no trouble grabbing your attention. Cleisthene had a vision when he first got this car. The vision was to build a breathe taking S2000. He made sure every little detail was perfectly executed, no gaps, loose bumpers, and especially no fitment issues. Cleisthene and his dad spent countless hours on getting the car at the stage its at now.


Viewing this car as a whole, it’s almost overwhelming on where to even begin to talk about it. Everywhere you look, there’s something to be noted. The car has such an “in your face” and aggressive presence that could keep you staring for long periods of time just to take it all in. Mixing the “track” look with some stance makes the car stands out. Crzy Engineering did an amazing job with the aero and wing card. These Work Meisters fits the car like a glove, looks good while driving and even look better when parked and aired out. These Car Shop Glow chasing tail lights make the rear end stands out when he has them on for spectators to admire.